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Becky Adams

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Natalia Dias

Diane Horne

Jin Eui Kim

Lisa Krigel

Frankie Locke

Louise Hall

Kate Haywood

Natasha Mayo

Sara Moorhouse

Zoe Preece

Matthew Thompson

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Gemma Wilde


Graduate Residents

Chrisoula Konstantakou
Spencer Penn



FIREWORKS CLAY STUDIOS Zoe Preece I am drawn to thresholds, to transient spaces, and to the in-between. Works contemplate the meniscus on a spoon filled to the point of tipping, or the 
precarious balance of two cups stacked one on top of the other on a kitchen surface - each on the brink of something. There is an uncertain beauty that I recognize here and a longing that is resonant of human experience. The white porcelain clay becomes a metaphor, its movement from one state to another embodying aspects of human being. Material and process take on significance for this reason, echoing the intent of the works. Ceramic forms are carved from plaster, on a lathe or by hand, before being moulded and cast in porcelain. Carving the handle of a cup or a saucepan takes time and attention, and my commitment to this process is a reflection of my feeling for the objects. I use the heat of the kiln chamber to seek out moments of fluidity, arresting firing processes mid point in order to capture otherwise imperceptible moments.