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Becky Adams

John Blackwell

Lowri Davies

Natalia Dias

Diane Horne

Jin Eui Kim

Lisa Krigel

Frankie Locke

Louise Hall

Kate Haywood

Natasha Mayo

Sara Moorhouse

Zoe Preece

Matthew Thompson

Caroline Taylor

Paul Wearing

Gemma Wilde


Graduate Residents

Chrisoula Konstantakou
Spencer Penn



FIREWORKS CLAY STUDIOS Paul Wearing Colour and texture are primary concerns within my work; in particular how they engage our senses and (re)connect us to our sensuous surroundings. The work is inspired and informed by elements and natural processes experienced and observed in coastal and rural landscapes as well as urban environments. The innate qualities of ceramic materials and processes offer up possibilities to reflect and respond to these experiences through form and surface: vessels are handbuilt using coiling techniques and layers of slips and glazes are applied containing materials which shrink and crack, bubble and blister in the firing revealing their nature as well as reflecting that of the environment that they have been extracted from.