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FIREWORKS CLAY STUDIOS Natasha Mayo Whilst a key concern for artists is innovation conveyed through the final outcome of their work, there are few who take as their subject the experiences and processes of creativity itself; how an artwork begins, how ideas are built upon and driven toward overriding expression. Creative thinking is often taken for granted, a means to an end, used to structure and mobilize other themes and ideas. Yet, if we consider what is actually involved in the generation of art, it can become a compelling and enriching theme. We can enter behind the scenes and gain access to an alternative wealth of creative possibilities. What is more intriguing still, is that the complexity of creative thinking that can take artists years to channel and control, can be found in the activity of children drawing. As adults, we simply have to relearn what came to us so naturally when we first began to respond to the world, the forgotten language of art. It is the possibility of making the creative process visible that drives this research project. Making the Creative Process Visible: Practice National Centre for Ceramics Wales