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Graduate Residencies






Becky Adams

John Blackwell

Lowri Davies

Natalia Dias

Diane Horne

Jin Eui Kim

Lisa Krigel

Frankie Locke

Louise Hall

Kate Haywood

Natasha Mayo

Sara Moorhouse

Zoe Preece

Matthew Thompson

Caroline Taylor

Paul Wearing

Gemma Wilde


Graduate Residents

Chrisoula Konstantakou
Spencer Penn



FIREWORKS CLAY STUDIOS Graduate Residency Fireworks Clay Studios is a cooperative organisation based in Cardiff city centre, providing studio space and specialised equipment for ceramic artists. It currently houses 17 ceramicists, and a textile artist. In its 20 year history, Fireworks has helped to facilitate the early careers of many successful ceramic artists and is committed to continuing this through its now established Graduate Residency Scheme. The Scheme aims to support two newly graduated ceramic artists in their first year of professional practice by offering a fully furnished studio space at a heavily subsidised cost with full use of all studio equipment for a period of one year. Successful applicants will be able to take full advantage of a professional studio without the need to invest and purchase the key equipment required in a ceramic workshop, whilst also working alongside full time professional members, gaining exposure to gallery representatives and enthusiasts. Application for Graduate Residency

Click to here to download the application form.